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Visiting Professorship at George Washington University

27 December 2012

I am very pleased to state that I have accepted a Visiting Professorship at George Washington University for the spring semester of 2013. I am very grateful to a number of people for orchestrating this, especially Dr. Eric Cline, Chair of the Department and Classics and Semitics at George Washington University. With regard to courses for the spring semester, I am delighted to note that I will be teaching a course entitled “Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Near East” and a course entitled “Dead Sea Scrolls.” During my post-doctoral appointments at Johns Hopkins University (1999-2001), I taught a number of undergraduate courses and found it very enjoyable; thus, I am very much looking forward to teaching these undergraduate courses at George Washington University. During my time at George Washington University, I will also be completing my monograph (tentatively) entitled “Forging History: A History of Epigraphic Forgeries from Antiquity to the Modern Period,” as well as several Festschrift articles. In short, I am very much looking forward to the coming months.

Most sincerely,

Chris Rollston


7 Comments to “Visiting Professorship at George Washington University”

  1. Great news for GWU and its students! And I’ll look forward to the monograph.

  2. Geraldine caulfield

    Good for you. You deserve to be appreciated. Lucky students at GWU!!

  3. Congratulations. I’m looking forward to the monograph.

  4. Pierre & Patricia Bikai

    Good for you!

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  6. Now just close your eyes and see me lifting my arms/hands toward heaven and shouting, “PRAISE JESUS!” I am brought to mind our conversations appealing to humility and am pleased. Hesitantly, I refer to money and power, being reminded that Jesus thrashed the money-changers and publically admonished the Pharisees. Ah, C´est la vie. My prayers and Jesus’ blessings are with you and your family as you continue along the pathway God has chosen for you.

  7. Blessings,Friend! We are happy for you. from Africa

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